20 Images That Will Give You 20 Reasons To Travel To South Africa Today!

South Africa is a unique place on the planet for so many different reasons. A road-trip from one part of the country to the other gives you a peek into the myriad variety of landscapes that the country is blessed with. From stunning sunsets to majestic wildlife to charming villages to sandy beaches – South Africa is a potpourri of everything our planet has to offer.

While we could go on rambling about the beauty that South Africa is, we thought we’ll let these images from the 23 days we spent in SA do the talking instead. Here goes – 20 images that will explain¬†why¬†South Africa is such a special destination to travel to.

Reason # 1 – Because.. there aren’t many places on the planet where you could watch a lion enjoy the heart of a giraffe for lunch
Reason #2 – Because sand dunes & wild ocean live side by side, as if it’s no big deal
Reason # 3 – Because ‘The Shire’ is right here, in a quiet village on the mountains
Reason #4 – Because running into a Zebra by the roadside is ‘normal’
Reason # 5 – Because the sun tends to show off more often than you’d imagine
Reason # 6 – Because one of the world’s largest wine regions is ALSO here! Say what?!
Reason # 7 – Because Cape Town has just about everything, from hills to beaches
Reason # 8 – Because you need to go no further to find solitude, to discover yourself
Reason # 9 – Because landscape changes are more dramatic than a soap opera
Reason # 10 – Because some places seem like they were sliced right out of heaven and planted here
Reason # 11 – Because you could be tempted to retire when you live in towns like this!
Reason # 12 – Because, AFRICAN ELEPHANTS!
Reason # 13 – Because you could have a picnic just about anywhere you’d like
Reason # 14 – Because you could witness the true ‘African Sunset’ while you sail away on a yacht
Reason # 15 – Because you could find yourself in restaurants whose food is always second best to the views!
Reason # 16 – Because you don’t have to break your bank in getting to Antarctica to say hello to these cuties!
Reason # 17 – Because the roads are more magical than Hogwarts
Reason # 18 – Because.. (ok we admit we are repeating).. the ROADS are seriously out of this world!
Reason # 19 – Because even the most developed metropolitan city sits below a world wonder: The Table Mountain
Reason # 20 – Because, sometimes, it outdoes even its own sunsets to produce moments of sheer astonishment

There, 20 different times South Africa blew our minds. There, 20 reasons to hop over to a flight search window and book your next holiday to SA.

If you’ve made up your mind already, here is a detailed guide to planning out an itinerary for your roadtrip

And, if you’re wondering whether all of this can come without a big hole in your wallet, here is our guide on traveling to South Africa on a budget!

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