About Us

A well-dressed, ultra glamorous, luxury obsessed couple who quit their boring ‘9 to 5s’ to travel the world – that’s everything we are NOT. We are Divya and Vikas, a (married) couple from India who have molded their professional and personal lives to squeeze in loads of travel. The last year (since May 2016 to be precise), we made a conscious choice to give up on aggressive career goals and switched to a simpler life that lets us travel a lot more. Obviously, we are one of the few privileged Indians to have such choices in the first place and trust us, we thank the universe every single day for it!

As we started to travel more often, we struggled to find crude, practical information on places specifically with respect to budgets. The world of travel writing was (and unfortunately, still is) awash with articles romanticizing about places rather than real-world information that could be useful to a traveler. When it came to talking about expenses, everyone seemed to have a veil on. This is primarily what motivated us to start our blog, Beyond The Wall – to share about places we actually travelled to, about expenses we really incurred and challenges we faced as we did all of that.

The name Beyond The Wall takes its reference from the obvious(GOT!) but more importantly signifies the sheer joy of looking at the world as if there were no political, geographical or religious walls to separate us. Maybe our tiny efforts will somehow contribute in a ‘wall-free’ world that is able to finally understand that humans are humans, black or white, rich or poor, male or female.  

Coming back to travel, three key things govern our traveling style – slow & long, meticulously planned, low-budget. We like getting into one country and exploring it over a significant period of time. We prefer b&bs over hotels, local restaurants over chains (hate those!), self-drive cars over cabs and of course coffee over tea (unless it’s Jordan and you offer a Bedouin tea).

You will find our blog useful if you are a budget conscious traveler but continuous backpacking seems a little too uncomfortable to you, you like itineraries that cover a good mix of offbeat and popular destinations and it brings you clarity to see exact dollars (or INRs) to understand budgets required for a place. As a bonus, you will also enjoy our blogs if you like reading honest opinions and straightforward thoughts about places, experiences, and the travel industry.  

To be honest, fifty years from now, when we are old and wrinkly, we’d like to look at the blog as our attempt to share the right things. If nothing else, our children will have a story to laugh about. Join us in making our imaginary kids giggle, a little more.


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