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New Vegas Caesar

By | 28.07.2020

New Vegas Caesar Top-Themen

Wir haben unsere eigenen Städte, aber sie sind Nichts im Vergleich mit Vegas. Meine Legion wird endlich ihr Rom haben. Caesar, geboren unter dem Namen. Gebt Caesar, was des Caesars ist ist eine Hauptquest in Fallout: New Vegas. Upon arriving at. kommen automatisch die Boten der Hauptfraktionen auf euch zu, sobald ihr das Tops auf dem Strip von New Vegas verlassen habt. Die Vertreter von der RNK und. cesar töten? (Fallout - New Vegas). pyromaster passiert egentlich etwas wenn ich cesar und seine männer in ihrem lager töte? bitte um schnelle antwort. Mach einfach die dazu gehörigen Side-Quests und das Bündnis ist geschlossen. Ist dieser Beitrag hilfreich? Dieses Video zu Fallout - New Vegas schon gesehen​.

New Vegas Caesar

New Vegas: Hauptquest - Caesars Legion. Inhaltsverzeichnis.» Auf Seiten der Legion (Quest: "Gebt Caesar, was des Caesars ist")» Veni,Vidi, Vici. cesar töten? (Fallout - New Vegas). pyromaster passiert egentlich etwas wenn ich cesar und seine männer in ihrem lager töte? bitte um schnelle antwort. Fallout: New Vegas: Hi, ich bin jetzt per Boot zum Fort gereist zur Legion, leider Cäsars Legion im Fort, Chip von Benny, NEGATIVER RUF.

New Vegas Caesar Gebt Caesar, was des Caesars ist

Er ahnt, dass es auch Anhänger in seinen Reihen gibt, die nur auf ein Zeichen von Schwäche warten, source seinen Platz einzunehmen, und so hat sich Caesar selbst zur Handlungsunfähigkeit verdammt. Danach benötigen wir im Gespräch mit Lucius einen Medizin- oder Sprache-Wert von 50 Zählern, damit uns die Legion nicht feindlich continue reading ist. Wir dürfen eine funktionierende Diagnoseeinheit aus einer alten Vault bergen, die noch dazu voller Ghule steckt. Https:// wurde dann als Legat Malpais bekannt. Publisher: Namco Bandai. Sollten wir in der Vergangenheit gegen die Legion gearbeitet haben, bietet Vulpes uns einen Waffenstillstand an und lädt uns zum Fort jenseits des Stausees ein. Na ja, da wir bei denen ohnehin unten click at this page sind, kommen keine Skrupel auf. Cookies make wikiHow better. He asks the player to enter the vault and destroy it. October 20, Once the player character has all the keycards, use the terminal next to the Self-Destruct terminal, generate the self-destruct password, go opinion Ride Spiel speaking the Self-Destruct terminal and begin the bunker self-destruct sequence. Platinum Chip if Benny survives the confrontation at the Article source. He sees in it similar attributes associated with the Roman Republic before Julius Caesar seized power; extensive bureaucracy, corruption, senatorial infighting filled with a people just click for source solely by greed and personal gain. Retrieved November 13, Upon their refusal to surrender, Sallow took their envoy to the ruins of the Ridgers' village. I led the Blackfoot against the Ridgers, their weakest enemy. Retrieved March 15,

He was voiced by John Doman, who also voiced Don Morello. He and his family lived in the Boneyard, a collective of settlements built in remains of Los Angeles and named for its devastated skyscrapers, reduced to their metal "skeleton", and the numerous skeletons of the dead that littered the city after the Great War which ravaged most of the Fallout world.

At age two, raiders came and attacked Sallow's settlement. Sallow and his mother managed to escape, but his farther was murdered by the savage raiders.

They eventually found sanctuary with the Followers of the Apocalypse a faction of humanitarians who tend to the inhabitants of the wasteland, as well as to ensure that the horrors of the Great War are never to be repeated.

The Followers gave Edward a free education and he eventually became a scribe, specializing in anthropology and linguistics.

Despite his high intelligence and charisma, Sallow was narcissistic and petulant towards his peers and felt that he didn't belong with the Followers and, in hindsight, considered them and their goals to be weak and naive.

While their, he discovered a cache of books about The Roman Empire. While he already knew some basic facts about ancient history, the books gave him a more complete view on the subject.

They played at war, raiding each other, a little rape and pillage here, a little ransoming there. I showed them total warfare.

He declares himself Caesar. Within a week, he is leading the tribe on ever more ambitious raids against neighboring bands of raiders and tribals, growing his forces by taking slaves.

I knew from the start I'd need to eradicate this plague of tribal identities, replacing them with a monolithic culture, a uniform identity.

So that's what I did, once my confederation of tribes was large enough. I crowned myself Caesar and created a single Great Tribe - my Legion.

I sent Calhoun, the Follower captured with me, back West with a message that I should not be interfered with.

Joshua Graham, the Mormon interpreter, stayed with me and served as my first Legatus. I'd seen what had become of the NCR's attempts to emulate the culture of Pre-War America - the in-fighting, the corruption.

Rome was a highly militarized autocracy that effectively integrated the foreign cultures it conquered. It dedicated its citizens to something higher than themselves - to the idea of Rome itself.

In Rome I found a template for a society equal to the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world - a society that could and would survive.

A society that could prevent mankind from fracturing and destroying itself in this new world, by establishing a new Pax Romana.

Long-term stability at all costs. The individual has no value beyond his utility to the state, whether as an instrument of war, or production.

Sawyer's Formspring : The additional Legion locations would have had more traveling non-Legion residents of Legion territories.

The Fort and Cottonwood Cove made sense as heavy military outposts where the vast majority of the population consisted of soldiers and slaves.

The other locations would have had more "civilians". It's not accurate to think of them as citizens of the Legion the Legion is purely military , but as non-tribal people who live in areas under Legion control.

While Caesar intentionally enslaves NCR and Mojave residents in the war zone, most of the enslavement that happens in the east happens to tribals.

As Raul indicates, there are non-tribal communities that came under Legion control a long time ago.

The additional locations would have shown what life is like for those people. The general tone would have been what you would expect from life under a stable military dictatorship facing no internal resistance: the majority of people enjoy safe and productive lives more than they had prior to the Legion's arrival but have no freedoms, rights, or say in what happens in their communities.

Water and power flow consistently, food is adequate, travel is safe, and occasionally someone steps afoul of a legionary and gets his or her head cut off.

If the Legion tells someone to do something, they only ask once -- even if that means an entire community has to pick up and move fifty miles away.

Corruption within the Legion is rare and Caesar deals with it harshly even by Legion standards.

In short, residents of Legion territories aren't really citizens and they aren't slaves, but they're also not free.

People who keep their mouths shut, go about their business, and nod at the rare requests the Legion makes of them -- they can live very well.

Many of them don't care at all that they don't have a say in what happens around them mostly because they felt they never had a say in it before the Legion came, anyway.

Decades of warfare, absorbing lesser tribes, gathering power. Forging the dross into a vast, razor-sharp scythe. My Legion's expansion has never ceased.

We have cities of our own, but nothing compared to Vegas. Finally, my Legion will have its Rome. It's Hegelian Dialectics, not personal animosity.

What are those? It's a philosophical theory, the kind you might encounter if you took time to read some books. The fundamental premise is to envision history as a sequence of "dialectical" conflicts.

Each dialectic begins with a proposition, a thesis The conflict is inevitable. But the resolution of the conflict yields something new - a synthesis - eliminating the flaws in each, leaving behind common elements and ideas.

Just as with the ancient Republic, it is natural that a military force should conquer and transform the NCR into a military dictatorship.

The NCR council will be eradicated , but the new synthesis will change the Legion as well But the man's hunger for greatness has never been sated.

Having assembled a loose nation of slavers and slaves, having won countless "wars" against inferior peoples, secretly he still feels like an upstart, an amateur-a barbaric King of the Gauls, instead of a lofty emperor of Rome.

To advance, he needs two things: a Carthage and a Rome. In the NCR he has at last found a great adversary, against which he can wage a military campaign worthy of history books.

Indeed, worth teaching his subordinates how to read and write, so that future generations can read his own Commentarii. And in Vegas, powered and watered by its great dam, he has found a capital worthy of, well, a Caesar.

Contrary to the old saw, Rome will be built in a day. With that out of the way, the next step will be to proclaim his apotheosis.

All good Roman emperors became gods, although that was usually done posthumously He will not fight a losing battle and destroy what he represents.

Put the idea of loss in him. Convince him the Bear will not be the twentieth tribe beneath his heel, it will make him pause like nothing on earth.

You do not need to convince him alone. Draw upon history. The past of other Legates are not filled with victories. Remind Lanius of this.

Graham had been with Caesar since the beginning, but he had to set an example. The praetorians covered Graham in pitch, lit him on fire, and down into the Grand Canyon he went.

Come back later - tomorrow! Let's hear what you've got to say. Something he is attempting to hide from his men. But it was obvious before we set out on this last mission.

For three days, we awaited his order to dispatch us. Three days. But he hid in his tent, refusing to give orders. Complaining of headaches.

He looks different now than he used to. His face is sunken, sickly. But any questioning of his health enrages him.

I didn't work my way up to have it all be taken from me out of some irrational paranoia. Caesar's losing it.

I believe that. He's been shutting himself in his tent. Privately, he complains of headaches. Whatever it is, it's affecting his ability to lead.

Founded by a fallen member of the Followers of the Apocalypse, Caesar's Legion is effectively an enormous, conscripted slave army.

As Caesar conquers the peoples of the wasteland, he strips them of their tribal identities and turns their young men into ruthless legionaries and women into breeding stock.

Unlike the rag-tag Raiders back east, Caesar's "Legionaries" neither look nor act like haphazard, irregular troops. They are well organized, moving and attacking in large packs, and deliberately commit atrocities to terrorize those who might dare oppose them.

True, Caesar is the perfect man. But he is not just a man: he is the Son of Mars, ordained by the god of war to conquer all Earth.

To prepare the way, Mars razed the Earth, cleansed it with fire, and brought the weak and the wicked low; and now his son has come to deliver the wasteland from chaos and barbarism.

To follow Caesar is to obey the will of Mars; to disobey is to condemn oneself to death. As the Son of Mars, Caesar has the divine right to demand servitude from all he encounters.

Not everyone believes that Caesar is the product of a god's loins, of course. The most recently captured slaves tend to be pretty skeptical.

But they aren't very vocal in their criticisms, and their children are raised not by skeptical parents but by priestesses appointed to that task by virtue of their knowledge of an adherence to the state religion.

Nearly all physically capable, compliant males are compelled to serve in its armed forces. The primary value of pre-menopausal females is to serve as breeding stock with Caesar or a legate governing how they are assigned to males , though they, like older females and less physically-capable men, are also used to perform a variety of other tasks.

The largest unit of organization in Caesar's Legion is the Cohort, numbering about infantrymen. Cohorts are further divided into Centuriae, which contrary to their name numbers about 80 men, and each Centuriae is divided into ten "tent groups" Contubernia , making this the squad level of organization.

Raiding parties are of this size about eight men and will be led by a Decanus a squad leader, basically.

Caesar desires two things: a Carthage, and a Rome. In the NCR he has at last found a grand adversary, against which he can wage a military campaign worthy of history books.

All it takes is plentiful slave labor, and Caesar has that in spades. She was too popular. She had the people's love. So things ran smoothly, more or less.

And as soon as she was gone, as soon as there really could be "democracy" - what happened then?

Ever since losing its queen, the NCR has been weaker, more diffuse. Democracy has been its weakness, not its strength.

The Legion's aggression will outlive Caesar. Indeed, they'll try to take the dam as a tribute to his memory.

Travel up the hill and enter through the gate to the inner area of the Fort. Here one will find the Legion arena and, most notably, Caesar's tent.

Enter Caesar's tent and talk to him. Caesar will tell the Courier that he has heard a lot about them and will talk about what they have done depending on the Courier's past decisions, he will then tell the Courier that there is a vault underneath the camp with the markings of the Lucky 38 Casino.

He asks the player to enter the vault and destroy it. He then returns the platinum chip. If Benny is alive, Caesar will inform the player character they will get to choose his manner of death.

At this point, the player character can speak to Benny and decide what they want to do. If the player character releases Benny, the Legion becomes hostile towards the player character and the quest cannot be completed.

Leave the tent and head down to the training grounds. The vault is located within a concrete bunker behind Caesar's tent.

Upon entering, a Legionary will return all of one's confiscated items. Putting the platinum Chip in the computer will provide subterranean access to the irradiated vault.

Once the player character is inside the vault, one will see a large screen on which Mr. House is displayed. In conversation, he will tell the player character the purpose of the chip and of Victor 's objectives before asking the player character to finish the job by upgrading the computer's security protocol.

One can agree to cooperate or defy him. Either way, he will inform the player character that he has no control over the vault's defenses and that one will have to fight their way to the computer.

If House was killed previously, Yes Man will instead be displayed on the screen, though no interactions will be available.

Down the stairs one will encounter a hostile protectron , a door, and the rest of the path. Behind the door one will find three computers, two of which are locked.

The difficulty of the locked computers are average and hard respectively, once hacked they can be used to disable the vault's defenses.

The average difficulty computer disables the automated turrets , while the hard difficulty computer disables the protectrons.

The terminal controlling the sentry bots is broken, and cannot be used. If one is able to hack both, the player character's path is clear, for now.

Head down the hall. If the player character's Repair skill is 60, they can open the door on the right and disable the sentry bots to prevent them from becoming hostile.

In the next room, one will encounter two turrets and two protectrons. The next room is protected by four protectrons.

If the player character plans on following Caesar's orders, destroy the three generators located in this room by shooting them.

Once they're destroyed, the facility will destabilize and radiation will be released. This option will set off the facility's security system, which at this point should only consist of four sentry bots, unless the player character chose to disable or destroy them.

Before one leaves the bunker, the player character's weapons will once again be taken away from them, with the exception of their holdout weapons if the player character does not wish to be fully disarmed.

Go back and talk to Caesar. The player character will then receive XP and Legion Fame. Note : No matter what the player character has decided, Caesar will not know what they did inside the vault.

He will have felt the vibrations from either the blast or the update and assume that the player character did what he asked.

If the player character wants to remain friendly to both Mr. House and Caesar, it is best to simply activate the Securitrons using the chip.

Caesar orders the player character to kill Mr. Make one's way to the Lucky If the player character blew up Mr House's secret bunker, the Securitrons inside the Lucky 38 will be hostile.

Use the elevator to go to the penthouse. There are five Securitrons in the main room of the penthouse and they will all be hostile towards the player character.

In the same area with Mr. House's big screen on the left there will be a computer tucked behind the stairs, use the computer to open the antechamber and there will be two more Securitrons waiting for the player character.

If the player character is not already hostile with Mr. House, opening the antechamber will turn the Securitrons against the player character.

The terminal to the rear-right of the antechamber will allow the player character to perform a "Security Override" rendering the Securitrons non-hostile.

On the left wall in the antechamber there will be another computer.

New Vegas Caesar Video

The Story of Fallout New Vegas Part 9: Render Unto Caesar - The Story of Caesar's Legion Falls ihr nämlich keinen guten Schleichen Wert habt, werden die Anhänger der Bruderschaft feindlich und werden euch angreifen. Mach einfach die dazu gehörigen Side-Quests und das Bündnis ist geschlossen. Mitten drin here Horde ziemlich zäher Ghule, die zum Glück aber nicht die hellsten sind. Nachdem wir für Caesar have Rtp 1 Online topic Bunker der Stählernen Bruderschaft zur Explosion gebracht haben, weiht er uns in seine gesundheitlichen Probleme ein. Er 2020 Esc Lithuania der alleinige Anführer und somit allein für das Schicksal seiner Anhänger verantwortlich. Habt ihr dies geschafft müsst ihr nun versuchen den Bunker in die Luft zu sprengen und dafür benötigt ihr drei Sicherheitskarten oder einen Wissenschaftswert von Hier ist die finale Quest der Legion. Die ersten Hürden habe ich per Raketenwerfer aus dem Weg geballert. Die Article source sagten, hier tobt oft ein Sandsturm, doch davon merken wir nichts. Die Mitglieder des 1. Wenn wir allerdings unsere Meinung noch einmal ändern wollen House zerstören. Ohne wenigstens so zu tun, als würden wir für die Brüder arbeiten wollen, wird das wohl nichts. Dennoch hält er eisern an seiner Ideologie fest und ist der Meinung, dass keiner seiner Gefolgsleute als Herrscher in Frage kommt. Es go here der Funkverkehr! Quest: "Et Tumor, Brute? Zu xXThunderXx. Nein, das verraten wir nicht. Im ganzen darauffolgenden Chaos gelingt uns die Flucht. Seid ihr nun fertig kehrt zu Lucius Vulpas und diese Quest ist abgeschlossen. Je nachdem für wen ihr euch entscheidet, verfolgt ihr unterschiedliche Alternativen für das Endgame und Go Verdienen Geld Mit Cs Skins für das Finale des Rollenspiels. Mehrere Bunker befinden sich auf dem Gelände, sodass wir ohne den guten alten Questpfeil ganz schön zu suchen hätten. Hoffe geholfen zu haben. Zurück zur Übersicht. Seid ihr nun fertig kehrt zu Lucius Vulpas und diese Quest ist abgeschlossen. Release: Alle Spieletipps zu Fallout: New Vegas. Und wie kommen wir jetzt wieder hier raus? Die Continue reading sieht noch gut aus. In unserer fast neuwertigen Powerrüstung, die sogar ohne Training tragen können, und mit dem ebenso fabrikfrischen Superhammer in den Fäusten treten wir dem General gegenüber. Es ist laut hier drin. New Vegas Caesar

Regardless of one's choice, the player character will receive XP and the objectives will update. Note: If House was killed previously such as for installing Yes Man onto the Lucky 38's mainframe , this part of the quest will be skipped.

However, the problem lies in that the cannons blast anyone that gets close to their base if the player character is already idolized with them then this section can be skipped.

While heading to their base, George will stop the player character and offer information on how to get past the shells.

One can use a Speech check or pay him, but all it boils down to taking a left turn as soon as one sees the houses and following the house line until one reaches the end.

Make a beeline for the fence, and once one is close enough, enter the gate. Talk to the Boomers and follow directions until one completes the Boomer questline see the Volare!

After all this return to Caesar and let him know that the Boomers are on his side. If the player character has turned the Boomers hostile, there is also the option to kill their leaders Pearl , Loyal , and Jack , which will satisfy Caesar and complete this part of the quest.

If the Boomers leaders have already been killed the player character can inform Caesar right away and skip this section. The player character must bring Caesar's offer of allegiance to the White Glove Society.

After learning about the society by talking to Marjorie and Mortimer , one can either tell Caesar they do not want his alliance which ends this part of the quest or go to Mortimer after talking to Marjorie and help revert the society to cannibalism see Beyond the Beef.

Once the mission has been completed by either reverting them to cannibals or not, return to Caesar. Once the player character reports to Caesar, Don't Tread on the Bear!

Since the NCR controls many places, it will result in loss of quests, merchants, and repairmen. One should prepare oneself before reporting to Caesar.

Caesar orders the player character to go to the Hidden Valley bunker and enter to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel in the area.

If one has not interacted with the Brotherhood, the player character must go through an orientation by convincing a Ranger in an adjacent bunker to leave which can be avoided if Veronica is in the player character's party.

Due to the last quest causing Don't Tread on the Bear! The player character will have no further option than killing him. The Brotherhood will confiscate the player character's weapons, so it is recommended to carry some holdout weapons before entering.

From here, one can decide to destroy the bunker entirely or just kill all the Brotherhood of Steel personnel in and around the bunker.

To destroy the bunker, the player character will need Science to destruct the bunker from the terminal. If one does not have science, one will need to obtain keycards from Edgar Hardin , Lars Taggart and Nolan McNamara by either killing or pickpocketing them.

Once the player character has all the keycards, use the terminal next to the Self-Destruct terminal, generate the self-destruct password, go to the Self-Destruct terminal and begin the bunker self-destruct sequence.

Caesar will now explain that he suffers from painful headaches, caused by a tumor in his brain, and tells the player character he needs them to find a cure.

One can either choose to find the cure, attempt surgery themself which may or may not kill him depending on the player character's Medicine skill level or Luck , or get help from Arcade Gannon to cure Caesar.

Be warned; what happens in this quest will greatly affect the ending of the game. After completing the previous quest, the player character will learn that the NCR president is making a speech at Hoover Dam.

The player character is ordered to meet with Cato Hostilius to plan the assassination. One must now complete the quest Arizona Killer.

Report to Legate Lanius , where the player character will be teleported to the Legate's camp automatically. The second battle for Hoover Dam will begin.

The name of this quest refers to a Gospel story in which Jesus is asked whether or not the Jews should have to pay taxes to their Roman rulers.

Jesus responds by asking whose image is on the denarius. His challenger replies "Caesar's," thus admitting that the Jews are, after all, using Roman money.

Jesus then instructs the crowd to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Today, your reward is vengeance. You get to decide how Benny dies.

Contents [ show ]. Main article: Beyond the Beef. Main article: Still in the Dark. Main article: Et Tumor, Brute? Main article: Arizona Killer.

Main article: Veni, Vidi, Vici. House's bunker under the weather station 7 Return to Caesar 10 Kill Mr.

House 15 Return to Caesar and report that Mr. House has been neutralized. Dialogue to Caesar will not include an option to indicate the White Glove Society will not revert to cannibalism, and speaking to Marjorie will direct you to speak to the dead or missing Mortimer.

This is a useful workaround if the player plans to assassinate Caesar and cannot pass the speech check to keep their chems.

House asks, you may not be able to return to the strip. Entering The Strip will result in a black screen with the game music playing.

You will not be allowed to enter Caesar's tent. Equipping non-faction armor without first unequipping the NCR armor might not work.

Upon exiting the dialogue all Legion members become hostile. The guards in the weather station will not respawn to give it to you again.

If you have not spoken to Mr. House quests. However, there will not be any relevant dialogue option with him. The solution is to complete Beyond the Beef per Mortimer's instructions, then wait until after the dinner at the next pm when Mortimer will confirm that he has converted the White Gloves back to cannibalism and your reputation with the White Gloves will be raised to Idolized.

Then talk to Marjorie about the Legion again, and this time she will support you. The only known solution, other than using console commands to advance the quest, is to kill White Gloves or otherwise lower the Courier's reputation with them until the new objective "Inform Caesar that the White Gloves will not support the Legion" appears.

Successfully completing Beyond the Beef at this point will not allow you to continue with Render Unto Caesar. Quests in Fallout: New Vegas.

Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Main Quest: Render Unto Caesar.

Travel to Cottonwood Cove. Talk to Caesar. Destroy Mr. House's bunker and army under the weather station.

While she worked for the Followers, cooking and cleaning in their Library, the young Edward learned how to read and started taking courses, provided by the organization free of charge.

Though he was highly intelligent, his success in scientific pursuits was only proportional to his interest in the given subject, nor was he particularly popular among his peers, due to his bad temper and narcissistic attitude.

For Sallow, the Followers were never an inspiring example, their devotion to scholarship too stifling, their mission of enlightenment too naive.

In , the twenty year old Sallow was an anthropologist and linguist. To benefit from his talents, the Followers sent him east towards the Grand Canyon, on his first expedition.

Accompanied by a physician named Bill Calhoun , he was tasked with learning the dialects of the tribes inhabiting the region.

He studied the books rigorously for two weeks, not yet aware of their coming significance. Already an accomplished scholar of dialects, Graham was supposed to teach Sallow about the local languages.

But before that could take place, the Blackfoot tribe captured the three scholars for ransom. The tribe was a sorry sight, weak and insignificant.

Unwilling to sink with them, Sallow decided to take certain steps. Objections from Calhoun went unheard. The next step was teaching them how to make explosives and drilling in small unit tactics.

All based on books Caesar read as a young boy. When the tribe refused to surrender, he ordered every man, woman, and child killed. No exceptions were made.

The Blackfoot moved on under Caesar's lead, surrounding the Kaibabs tribe. Upon their refusal to surrender, Sallow took their envoy to the ruins of the Ridgers' village.

The piles of corpses were a shocking sight to a tribesman who only knew tribal strife, with the occassional raid, raping, and pillaging.

This was total warfare. The Kaibabs surrendered, then the Fredonians, then all the remaining tribes. Caesar was acutely aware that the root cause of all the problems were tribal identities, leading to internecine conflict and preventing any substantial recovery.

He knew what had to be done. He had to erase all traces of tribal identities and replace them with a single, monolithic culture.

A year later, in , [9] when his confederation was large enough, Sallow crowned himself as Caesar, leader of the Great Tribe: the Legion.

One of the reasons was that this ancient European culture was completely foreign, alien to the ignorant tribals he was subjugating.

Second, he considered Rome's highly militarized autocracy adept at integrating conquered cultures the perfect template for a society that could adapt to the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world and thrive, institution prosperity and peace: a new Pax Romana.

He soon began putting his words into practice. Calhoun was sent away to the NCR as a messenger, and to warn them against interfering with Caesar's plans.

Graham became the Legion's first Legatus. Tribes were forcibly assimilated into the Legion, while cities and their inhabitants lived on as subjects of the Legion.

Conflict with the Republic was inevitable. For Caesar, this wasn't just petty ambition. It's a textbook example of Hegelian dialectics, where the thesis and antithesis conflict, creating a synthesis when the conflict is resolved.

The Legion will become a standing army protecting all the citizens of the new empire and the absolute power of its dictator.

Quite understandably, the New California Republic was not willing to roll over and surrender. Following a series of skirmishes and smaller battles most notably the destruction of Fort Aradesh out east , the Legion forced a confrontation.

Discovered by Ulysses , a frumentarius, the Dam was a symbolic Rubicon. Caesar's 68 [18] reformed tribes attacked the Dam under the lead of Joshua Graham , following a series of deep raids on NCR territory by small groups of skirmishers and sabotage actions by the Frumentarii.

As General Lee Oliver 's soldiers held the line, Rangers and Army sharpshooters targeted their commanders, sowing chaos in Legion ranks.

When the Legate ordered his elite forces to punch through and pursue Rangers decimating his officers and sowing chaos in the ranks, the Rangers and 1st Recon sharpshooters retreated into Boulder City.

Elements of the Army and Rangers kept the Legion engaged long enough to allow the most experienced legionaries to enter the city.

When they did, the Republic's forces pulled out of the city. Once most of them were safe soldiers and Rangers trapped behind Legion lines had to be abandoned, they triggered explosives packed into the buildings in advance.

Chief Hanlon 's plan went off without a hitch: The exploding buildings acted as giant fragmentation bombs, killing and maiming most of the legionaries and leaving the rest in a state of shock.

The Army and Rangers followed the detonation with a counter-attack, destroying the Legion on the western side of the Colorado and forcing the Malpais Legate to retreat from the Dam.

Flanking attacks at Camp Golf and other camps in the Mojave were similarly repulsed. To demonstrate that failure is not tolerated, even at the highest of ranks, Caesar ordered Graham to be burned alive.

The former Legate was covered in pitch, lit on fire, and thrown into the Grand Canyon. This was the worst defeat in Legion's history.

Graham was replaced by Legate Lanius , who embarked on a campaign of expansion eastward to subjugate further tribes for the Legion and gather forces for another confrontation with the Republic.

The Legion's increasing power was accompanied by a noticeable decline in Caesar's health. Once healthy, his face became sunken and sickly, his nature more reclusive.

But the worst were the headaches, increasing in strength and frequency, affecting his ability to lead. Although they remained silent, the decline was visible to his officers, but Caesar denied these problems, lashing out at any queries.

By , Caesar returned to Fortification Hill at the head of 87 tribes, determined to take the Dam this time and claim New Vegas as his Rome.

Caesar is playing his cards more cautiously this time, and will not give the order for Lanius to attack the Dam until he can unearth the contents of the vault sealed beneath his base in the Mojave, neutralize the ruler of New Vegas, Robert House , and Brotherhood of Steel , assassinate NCR President Kimball , and forge an alliance with the Boomers , Great Khans and the White Glove Society.

Perhaps most importantly, Caesar is plagued by a brain tumor. A case can be made that Caesar should have an evil or very evil alignment, but he also exists in a bubble that insulates him from what he's doing.

Caesar does what he does because he feels that it is contributing to a better society. Aside from military defeat, Caesar's greatest fear is being exposed as a fraud.

Most members of the Legion, excluding some of the most trusted ones, are oblivious to the fact that the Legion's culture is based on books about ancient Rome — they believe that all of the customs enforced by Caesar were dictated to him by Mars himself.

Those who claim otherwise are viewed as ultimate blasphemes. While some of the newly captured slaves are skeptical, they don't tend to be vocal about it, and their children are taken away from their parents to be raised by Caesar's priestesses.

He regards the NCR as only an extension of the corruption that existed during the Old World and that it is ultimately doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

He sees in it similar attributes associated with the Roman Republic before Julius Caesar seized power; extensive bureaucracy, corruption, senatorial infighting and filled with a people driven solely by greed and personal gain.

It exists as the antithesis to the Legion and as a catalyst for change that only a confrontation with it can bring; a clash he sees as an inevitable product of Hegelian dialectics.

In his view, the NCR does not have a long-term solution to the problems of the Wasteland - the bombs had reset humanity's progress and he believed the time had come to rebuild it into something new.

He was taught to venerate her as a child and observes that she was ultimately more of a Queen than an elected official and that it is similar centralized power that a new civilization needs.

If the player manages to kill Caesar the effects on the game are fairly minor, although the Legion ending is massively changed , due to the fact that Caesar, as the leader of the Legion, no longer directly participates in combat.

Both are men of intelligence and education who traveled from a life of relative comfort, technological wizardry, and "civilization" into a wilderness full of warring people with relatively low education and a relatively "primitive" lifestyle.

Both rose to power and were essentially deified for their intelligence, knowledge and leadership capabilities. Both cut off communication with the outside world and lived in their until now remote, savage kingdoms, using the most brutal means possible to deal with rare instances of dissent.

Both have an "unusual" way of looking at the world due to their cultural isolation. On a related note, at least one source of real-world inspiration for Caesar was Charles Taylor of Liberia.

Charles Taylor is a real dude. For real. Go read some of the trial transcripts where his war crimes are detailed. I've never thought of Caesar's or the Legion's activities as "edgy".

For their own purposes, they engage in a variety of horrible practices that others have engaged in throughout history. I'm sure individual players might want to engage in ranking atrocities -- something I've never really found was productive in discussions about history -- but Caesar and his crew in the same league as other brutal warlords.

Sign In. From The Vault - Fallout Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Sawyer on Caesar's alignment. Victory is at hand. I may have taken the torch part more literally than they intended.

What a fucking waste of time! Like I said, there's a lot you can learn from old books. I crowned myself Caesar and created a single Great Tribe - my legion.

Finally, my legion will have its Rome. Kurtz, and Caesar? Unlike Mr. Kurtz, Caesar's reign continues for a long, long time.

Things were more peaceful when I was growing up. When I was a young man, I went out into the world to do missionary work as all New Canaanites do.

I traveled along the Long 15 and followed 89 south into Arizona. Along the way, I met two men from a group called the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Edward Sallow and Bill Calhoun. They came to teach the tribes. Calhoun was a good man. Edward was the one who got us into trouble down the road.

My family lived not far from the great Boneyard. After Raiders killed my father, my mother sought the Followers' protection.

I was two years old. She found work at their Library, cooking and cleaning. I learned how to read and soon I was taking courses, free of charge.

And the teaching stuck. I was taught it was my responsibility to bring the torch of knowledge to the wastes. While this boy had a quick mind, he made for a scribe of uneven ability, for his success in academics was equal to his interest in the subject assigned.

Nor was he a favorite among his fellows. Though athletic and handsome, petulance held him back. He never felt that he belonged among the Followers, and blamed them for it.

Their rigorous devotion to scholarship was stifling, their mission to ensure that humanity would never repeat the mistakes of the Great War was ridiculously naive.

The boy longed for something more. When the time came for the boy to leave the Boneyard and trek the wastes as part of a nine-person expedition, wanderlust soon curdled into disappointment.

The primitive conditions of the tribes the expedition encountered disgusted him. Inferior people all, wretched in their squalor.

Still, he seemed to discern, amid the chaos of their petty struggles and everyday atrocities, the true order of the wastes-and it was one of anonymous, amoral liberty.

The wastes called to the boy as a blank slate upon which a man of will could write his own destiny. During the same period of the time that the boy was coming to these insights, the expedition uncovered a cache of well-preserved historical texts.

Among with adventure fiction and comic books, history had always been his favorite subject, and so the task of cataloguing Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original source and studying the texts fell to him.

Though the boy had long been aware of basic facts concerning many ancient empires, these new texts filled in many previously obscure details.

But even that could not have prepared him for the Commentarii, the account of the military campaigns of Gaius Julius Caesar, written by the man himself.

Reading Commentarii changed the boy's life. Unfortunately, it was destined to change the lives of thousands more, and for the worse.

In Gaius Julius Caesar the boy found a man who seamed to have fulfilled the full measure of potential greatness allotted to him by fate, a man whose career spanned political accomplishment and military achievement in equal measure.

Such adventure! And intrigue! And cool uniforms! The boy's frustrations with his lot in life gained sharp focus. In reading about Caesar, he was like an ant scurrying about the feet of a regal statue.

He resolved that he would go to any lengths necessary to change the course of his life. The Commentarii would be his blueprint.

In an illiterate, benighted world, who would ever know that Caesar was not his original creation? That night, Caesar offered a different sort of assistance to a tribe his expedition had contacted recently: weapons, medical supplies, and tactical expertise.

He led several tribal accomplices back to the expedition's camp and through its defenses, and there oversaw the murder of his eight fellows.

Within a week he was leading the tribe on ever more ambitious raids against neighboring bands of raiders and tribals. It was my first expedition, just me and a physician named Calhoun.

As an anthropologist and linguist, my assignment was to learn the dialects of the Grand Canyon tribes. Anyway, we met up with a Mormon missionary who already knew a bunch of dialects - Joshua Graham.

He was supposed to teach me. But before that went too far, the Blackfoot tribe captured us, to hold us for ransom.

They were a backward bunch. But the real problem was, they didn't know how to fight. But outnumbered like that, they weren't going to last long.

It's one thing to be taken hostage, another to be lashed to a sinking ship. So over Calhoun's objections, I decided to take certain steps.

They looked at me like I was some kind of a sorcerer. So I taught them how to make explosives, and started drilling them on small unit tactics.

If there's anything I learned as a Follower of the Apocalypse, it's that there's a lot of good information in old books. I led the Blackfoot against the Ridgers, their weakest enemy.

When they refused to surrender, I ordered every man, woman, and child killed. When next we surrounded the Kaibabs and they likewise refused I took one of their envoys to the Ridgers' village and showed him the corpse piles.

This was new for the tribes, you see. They played at war, raiding each other, a little rape and pillage here, a little ransoming there.

I showed them total warfare. He declares himself Caesar. Within a week, he is leading the tribe on ever more ambitious raids against neighboring bands of raiders and tribals, growing his forces by taking slaves.

I knew from the start I'd need to eradicate this plague of tribal identities, replacing them with a monolithic culture, a uniform identity.

New Vegas: Hauptquest - Caesars Legion. Inhaltsverzeichnis.» Auf Seiten der Legion (Quest: "Gebt Caesar, was des Caesars ist")» Veni,Vidi, Vici. Komplettlösung zu Fallout - New Vegas - Kapitel 20 - Das Fort (Quest ). Das Fort. Gebt Caesar, was des Caesars ist. Wenn wir Benny nicht bereits. Fallout: New Vegas: Hi, ich bin jetzt per Boot zum Fort gereist zur Legion, leider Cäsars Legion im Fort, Chip von Benny, NEGATIVER RUF. Fallout New Vegas: Caesar Beliebt. Download. Fallout New Vegas: Caesar. Information. Erstelldatum Änderungsdatum. Version. Dateigröße New Vegas Caesar

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