How to Live Like a Londoner

Forget high tea and soccer hooliganism. There’s much more to the modern Londoner than traditional stereotypes let on. Even without the rose-tinted glasses that most visiting tourists start off looking through, the grand old city of London is a beautiful and modern metropolis filled with fulfilling experiences for those brave enough to walk the local’s path.

Dive Into London’s Public Transport System

First up is the matter of transportation, a variety of which is available to the modern Londoner. While the buses and the tube are arguably the most convenient ways to get around, nothing beats riding a bike if you’re interested in sightseeing. Santander Cycles has more than 11,500 bikes for rent in town, and their more than 750 docking stations all over London can be located via their website, making for maximum convenience. 

London Travel Local
Travel like the locals in London do; Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

While we’re on the subject of London transport, if you’re planning to stay for a while, you might also consider getting an Oyster card. This allows you to pay as you go when using the bus or tram services, most railways (including the tube and the London Overground), and even the river bus that crosses the Thames. Combine this with Santander’s bikes, and you’ll be a few steps closer to mastering London’s complex public transport system. There are a few details to get used to (such as when you’re allowed to have your bike on the tube), but for the most part, you simply get the hang of it. 

Chow Down on Five Guys’ Legendary Cheeseburger

You’ve heard of the resurgence of English, Welsh, and Irish cuisine in London, the ongoing vegan trend, and the local obsession with curry. But if you ask Deliveroo – also known as London’s most popular food delivery app – the city’s current favourite food is the classic Five Guys cheeseburger. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because Five Guys is an American fast food restaurant that now has around 20 branches within the boundaries of the city. And Deliveroo’s numbers suggest that Londoners can’t get enough of it, to the point that it’s been the most ordered dish on the app from 2017 to 2018. We’re not saying you should shy away from haggis, the hearty English breakfast, and even afternoon tea – but if you’re looking to experience the city like a local, Londoners have spoken! They like their cheeseburgers from Five Guys.

Experience British Online Casinos

Along with sports betting, online casino gaming has been legal in the UK for quite some time. This means that many online entertainment providers offer safe payment options, bonuses where the house practically gives away money to new players, birthday and other holiday-related bonuses, virtual reality options, and other attractive offers designed to get as many new players in on the game as possible. Londoners can be very competitive and passionate about games, and this attitude now manifests in the internet casino spheres as well, helping them to sustain incredible popularity. And speaking of having a passion for the game.

It May Not Be Obvious But Casinos In London Can Be Fun; Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

Pick a Premier League Football Club to Support

We’re currently in the middle of the 2018-19 season of British football. As of this moment, a total of eleven London-based teams are playing in professional leagues. Five of these teams are in the top-flight Premier League, where Londoners tend to support at least one team simply because they’re the cream of the crop. Though you don’t have to pick a team from London; there are additional Premier League teams all around Britain

Football love in London
A Premier League Game Live Or Just A Stadium Tour – Football Is A Must On Your London Agenda  Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

Most Londoners do seem to be loyal to their neighbourhood’s teams, but visitors need no rhyme nor reason to pick which team to support. Follow your gut and have fun catching the live matches at London’s many stadiums if you get the chance to. There’s absolutely nothing like the energy of Londoners filling up a stadium during a Premier League match.

Stay at an Airbnb

This almost goes without saying, but one of the best ways to live like a Londoner is by staying at a real London flat. Forego the fancy hotels and dull motels for a true taste of local living, and check out the listings on Airbnb for different parts of London. In addition to being cheaper much of the time, this is a fantastic way to instantly meet at least one Londoner, ask about the best local places for good eats, and maybe hear about some local culture or history directly from a local. Just remember to be smart about how you pick your new digs. Book your stay as early as possible to get the cheapest prices. 

Thorough research of your accommodation options is never a bad idea; Photo by Adrian Schwarz on Unsplash

Don’t be fooled by a few good reviews, either. Ideally, you should look for listings with the ‘superhost’ badge, bestowed upon those who consistently garner five-star ratings for service and commitment. It would also be extra wise to not just stick to Airbnb, but also to cross-reference desirable listings through Trip Advisor or other sites(if the property is listed on these forums) and apps in order to learn as much as possible about your options. The more you know about the apartment you’re renting, including all the rules of the house, the better you’ll know what to expect. Of course, remember also that Airbnb is a two-way street; treat your host and the location with the same respect as you’d like to be treated.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to an authentic Londoner’s experience in one of the best cities on Earth.

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