Plan Your Next Trip With Us

Wondering where to head on your next vacation? Know where to go but not sure how to score budget deals? Or, wondering what to eat and experience? We’re here to help you. We understand that travel planning can often be quite overwhelming. It requires a ton of research, advanced planning, and oodles of patience to plan a fun, enjoyable holiday. More often than not, we have the desire but lack the time to sit down and indulge in such deep research.

To make all of this a lot easier for you, we’re happy to spend countless hours behind laptop screens and save you the trouble. Why would we do that? One, we love this job and second, what’s better than helping out fellow travellers. Over the past year, we have planned many a dozen trips for friends, family, and colleagues. We’ve discovered some awesome flight deals (we flew to Thailand and back for 90 USD) and travelled to the most expensive countries like Jordan and Maldives under very affordable budgets.

If you like our travel style, our budget control strategies (shh, those are big secrets) and us, write us a quick note about what you need us to help you with. We are happy to be your travel wingmen.

Reach us on with your questions!