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Above and beyond the information that we’ve shared on our blog, we’ve also penned down our stories from our journeys in leading magazines and blogs.


Travel Wire Asia

Rise Of Bangkok’s Third Wave Coffee Scene

Koh Samui Away From The Tourists

Travel & Leisure

3 Coastal Experiences In Tamil Nadu

Food Destination – San Sebastian, Spain



Travel Journal 

Slow Travels Through The Greek Isles

Traveling Nine To Fiver

How To Spend A Week In Jordan

Goats On The Road

6 Essential Tips to Enjoy The Maldives On A Budget

Hippie In Heels

7 Offbeat Destinations In Kerala That Will Blow Your Mind

Tour Radar

Two Weeks In Spain For Every Budget



Travel & Leisure, India/South Asia

36 Authentic Indian Experiences – One For Every State & UT (August 2018)

Slow Travel In Asia – 6 Destinations (June 2018)

Posh Staycations In World Cities (Mar 2018)

Family Vacations For One & All (Mar 2018)

Romance Through Ages – A Destination For Every Age Group (Feb 2018)

Decoding Jordan (Oct 2017)

India By The Coast (Aug 2017)

Glamorous Thirteen – 13 Beach Destinations For 2017 (April 2017)

A Greek Island For Every Kind Of Couple (Feb 2017)


Jet Airways In-Flight Magazine

Eat, Spa, Love – In Ubud (Jul 2017)

Ibiza – Beyond Parties (May 2017)

The Red Corner – Jordan (Dec 2016)


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